Using Movie Scripts to Enhance Learning.

Have you ever wondered how movie scripts help translate text to image? We all love and know films and understanding the language of screenplays can not only be fun, but educational as well. Here are the steps to enhance students’ learning using movie scripts.

First, there are a myriad of different characters that students can write about, who may have different backgrounds and come from different cultures so, to write about them, students would have to consider sociological aspects of their characters that would affect their behavior and speech, which would lead them to study about the world. This is a wonderful way for students to get used to doing research.

Second, students should be explained about how scripts work and the structure they should expect to find when reading one. Screenplays are not structured like novels, poems, short stories, news articles or any other way that would be more familiar to the students. The scene is set with short, abbreviated sentences and detailed description is avoided as only the necessary information for the scene is described. The teacher must show scenes to the students and present their scripts. Examples are paramount in this stage as students must be familiarized with the script structure before moving on.

Third, students must transform movie scenes into scripts. This is where they start producing their first material by following the structure previously discussed. Students will be shown some movie scenes and must write how they think the scene was scripted. This is where they will practice the script structure and become more comfortable with it, which will prepare them for the final step.

Finally, students must produce scene scripts from scratch, they should be allowed more time between classes so they can do research about different cultures and societies, as previously stated. Also, they must pay attention to use the correct script structure that they will have practiced. This is where this idea really comes together, as it gets students doing research and producing writing.

In addition, the students’ scenes may be used in a number of different ways afterwards, from acting out the scenes in front of the class to maybe a movie project with the school.

In conclusion, this is a fun process that gets students interested and engaged, while producing lots of writing with active interaction and learning about the world.


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