Advantages of Being Bilingual

Learning a different language is a challenge many take on, but not all see through. Sure, it is a long process that requires a good amount of dedication, but it can be very rewarding as well. It is a process that can bring one amazing personal growth, let alone financial possibilities. I would like to discuss some advantages of being bilingual.

First, when I was young, I used to hear adults saying I should learn English because it would help me get a good job. Globalization was escalating very quickly back then and English was on its way to becoming the main form of communication around the world. They were right. Jair Felix, from National Geographic Learning, said that between one and two billion people speak English nowadays, and more than half of them are not native speakers. Negotiations are carried out throughout the world by a myriad of different nations and all in English, which leads to more job offers and career opportunities for those who speak this language.

Also, you can’t learn a different language without learning about a different culture, and that is always a wonderful improvement for the human spirit. The way we think and handle ourselves has a lot to do with the culture and society which we were brought up in, so we were given a set of directions on how to act when we face certain situations. Basically, we can say that as we grow up and mature, we receive a type of map that tells us how to behave. So, by learning and understanding a different culture, you will suddenly find yourself with a whole new set of maps, and therefore, with a broader variety of directions that will enable you to deal with the most diverse situations much more efficiently. You will become a more resourceful person.

These are only some of the reasons why learning a new language can be quite advantageous and prepare you to be a better, more open-minded, prepared citizen of the world.


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